Fine Diamond Tennis Bracelets

Rosendorff has been delivering the most beautiful diamond jewellery creations since 1963.Β 

Rosendorff: The marque of excellence

Our expert buyers select only the finest diamonds from first pick original diamond parcels.

This process ensures each piece is unique and speaks for itself.

Seeing it in real life will make you agree why it speaks for itself, hence we are so confident stating "speak for itself" we offer all our clients 30 days simple money back.

Our state of the art workshop is located in the centre of Perth.

Size and Budget

Our tennis bracelet range 1 carat to over 11 carats, so you are sure to find one to match your personal style and budget.

History of the name Tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets are named after Chris Evert, a professional tennis player when her bracelet went flying off her arm at the U.S. Open in 1978. The match was interrupted in order to find it. from then on everyone started referring to it as the β€œtennis bracelet.”

So, in short, the term "tennis bracelet" has nothing to do with the sport of tennis itself, but rather it is named after an incident involving a diamond bracelet during a tennis match.