Diamond Education

Rare beauty ready to be forever cherished!

Rosendorff focus on the globally accepted standard for which diamonds are judged. This is based on four key characteristics:

  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Clarity and
  • Carat Weight

This standard means that quality can be communicated on a universal level and buyers are able to make better informed decisions on gift that they will offer with much love and emotion however, as Rosendorff put excessive focus on your diamond selection, knowing these basics is helpful but what remains the most important is how attractive your diamond appears overall…. This is why Rosendorff diamonds are renowned for their exceptional beauty and focus on a 5th ‘C’ in the grading characteristics “ Charisma”.


Conflict Free & Ethically Sourced:

  • All Rosendorff Diamonds are hand selected from millions of carats and the scrutinising selection likened to finding a needle in a haystack. Through this stringent selection a Rosendorff diamond becomes a fine work of art as it is cut, polished and set into a Rosendorff Design
  • Rosendorff Diamonds are ethically sourced. We have a zero tolerance to acquiring illegal or blood diamonds and our partnerships with leading cutting houses across the globe span across the decades.