Pink Diamond Sells for AUD$77 million in Hong Kong

An internally flawless 11.15 carat vivid pink diamond sold at auction in Hong Kong for HK$453.2 million, over AUD $77 million on Friday 7th October 2022. This pink stone originated from the Williamson Diamond Mine located in Tanzania, Africa; popularly known as the first substantial diamond mine opened outside of South Africa.

This gorgeous stone is the second largest pink diamond to become available to the public through auction sold by Sotheby’sThe Williamson Pink Star diamond is one of only two flawless pink diamonds weighing over 10 carats.

The precious diamond was anticipated to sell for AUD$32 million but actually doubled it's estimated sale value, with the winning bid coming from an undisclosed buyer located in Boca Raton, Florida USA. The 20 minute aution, with a final sale price of AUD$77 million, making this purchase a record-breaking auction result, achieving a per carat price of over AUD$7.8 million. The previous world record was held from a 2018 auction of a 18.96 carat Winston Pink Legacy, of which reached a per carat price of AUD$4.2 million. 

In 2017, Sotheby's sold another spectacular piece for an astounding AUD$20 million, weighing in at 59.6 carats with an oval mixed cut, it currently still holds the world record of any diamond sold. Mr Wenhao Yu, the chariman of Sorheby Asia expresses that “it’s rare to have a vivid pink color, it’s rarer when it’s over 10 carats and internally flawless”.  

In late 2021, a blush-toned diamond was discovered as an incredible 32.32 carat rough diamond, before being expertly cut, shaped and polished into its current cushion shape. Diacore, whom specialises in handling rare diamonds, purchased the stone in its rough form for AUD$20 million and fashioned and mounted the stone in to an 18k gold ring surrounded by traditional brilliant-cut and trapeze-cut diamonds. Mr Wenhao Yu gave credit to Diacore’s craftsmanship, stating that “not every rough can yield a diamond of this high quality, it takes a great amount of art and creativity to fashion it into a gorgeous stone with so many exceptional qualities” he quotes. 

Diacore Diamond, 32.32 carat Pink Diamond, 18k gold ring

The Williamson’s diamond mine is responsible for unearthing 23.6 carat pink diamond that was crafted by Cartier into a brooch, owned by the late Queen Elizabeth II.  

Pink diamonds are amongst the rarest stone in the world. Originating mostly from Australia in the now closed Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia, pink diamonds are found in various shades and depths of pink.

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