Engagement Ring Buying Guide

Welcome to Rosendorff Diamond Jewellers! It is always exciting when you start looking for an engagement ring, but it can also be a potentially overwhelming process for some people. You can rest assured that at Rosendorff Diamonds we will assist and advise you every step of the way. We will make sure you are completely satisfied with your choice of style, setting, price and everything else to match your personal requirements. Here are a few steps to help guide you through the process:

Determine your budget

You should have a clear idea of how much you are prepared to spend before you start shopping for a ring. This will also save you time, as you will only view those rings that match your requiremnts. At Rosendorff Diamond Jewelers, we have engagment rings to suit almost any budget.

Selecting a diamond

The quality of the diamond is all important when purchasing an engagement ring. This is the most critical part therefore, it is worth spending some time to familiarise yourself with "The 4 Cs" which are used internationally for grading diamonds. If you have a solid undersing of these, you will then be in the best postion to determine the correct grade of a diamond to match your needs:

    1. Cut: The cut of a diamond refers to the angles and proportions of the stone, and how well it reflects light. A diamond with a good cut will have a more brilliant sparkle. There are several different types of diamond cuts, each of which creates a unique look and style. These are the main types of diamond cuts:
      • Round cut: This is the most popular diamond cut, and it is known for its classic, timeless look. It has 57 or 58 facets, which help to maximize the diamond's sparkle.
      • Oval cut: This cut has an oval shape and is known for its elegant, elongated look. It is similar to the round cut in terms of sparkle and brilliance.
      • Marquise cut: This cut has a pointed end and a long, slender shape. It is known for its elegant and sophisticated look.
      • Princess cut: This cut is also known as the square modified brilliant cut. It has a square or rectangular shape and is known for its modern and elegant look.
      • Emerald cut: This cut has a rectangular shape with stepped facets and a unique, open look. It is known for its vintage charm and is often used in antique-style jewelry.
      • Cushion cut: This cut has a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners and a soft, pillowy look. It is known for its vintage charm and is often used in antique-style jewelry.
    2. Colour: The colour of a diamond refers to the absence of colour in the stone. Diamonds are graded on a scale from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow). Diamonds with higher grades are more valuable.
    3. Clarity: Clarity refers to the presence of inclusions, or blemishes, in the diamond. Diamonds with fewer inclusions are more valuable
    4. Carat: The carat weight of a diamond refers to its size. The larger the diamond, the more rare and valuable it is.

        Choose a style

        There are many different setting styles to choose from, including solitaire, halo, and trilogy. There are also more complex designs such as Halo, Double Halo, Vintage or Modern, and other popular choices that feature various aspects from more than one style.

        Choose a setting

        The setting refers to the way the diamond is mounted on the ring. There are two main types of setting: prong and claw. Prongs are small metal spikes that hold the diamond securely in place. Claw settings are larger than prongs and are designed to give the appearance of claws holding the diamond in place.

        Choose a metal

        The metal you choose for the ring will affect the overall look and feel of the piece. Popular options include yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

        Next Steps

        You are welcome to choose from our collection, alternatively you may wish to book a personal consultation with one of our diamond specialists, for a custom experience. Both online and in-store appointments are available.

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        There’s nothing like the feeling of discovery – that rush of emotion and sense of accomplishment that we all personally own. Immerse yourself in these feelings with a personalised diamond discovery experience at Rosendorff.