Preserving Your Jewellery

 Cleaning your rings and jewellery


Rosendorff is certain that you will treasure your beautiful jewellery as much as we treasure creating it. The Rosendorff name is synonymous with style, elegance, and quality. Using only the finest materials, crafted by the world's leading master-jewellers, your jewellery is certain to withstand the test of time. 

With care and maintenance, you precious Rosendorff piece will be loved and cherished from generation to generation. 


Daily Care

Treat your jewellery with care: undertaking housework, gardening, sport, and other activities while wearing your jewellery may cause stones to become dislodged from their settings and create dents in gold or platinum. 

Gemstones are not as strong as diamonds, so extra care is required to avoid scratches, chips, and abrasions. 

Ensure any moisturiser and perfume is applied before you put on pearl jewellery. Ensure your pearl jewellery does no get wet, or come in contact with abrasive chemicals to avoid damaging the pearl or cause it to be dislodged from its setting. 

Hollow bracelets and necklets should be worn with extra care as excessive force or pressure on the metal may cause irreparable damage. 


Cleaning your Jewellery at Home

Diamond and most gemstone jewellery can easily be cleaned at home using a solution of warm water and a dash of dishwashing liquid. After soaking your diamond jewellery, gently brush the settings with a soft toothbrush to remove any dirt. Rinse in cold water and pat dry with a clean, lint-free cloth. 

Never clean your jewellery in boiling water. 

Avoid using soaps, toothpaste, and harsh or abrasive chemicals on your jewellery, as they may cause damage, particular to pearls and gemstones. 

Pearl & Opal jewellery can be cleaned at home using a soft, damp cloth. Ensure that the cloth is damp and not wet. Your jewellery should be completely dry before storing it. 


How to clean jewellery


Long-Term Care

Rosendorff has an onsite boutique workshop where our master-craftsmen can provide maintenance and repairs on your Rosendorff jewellery for a nominal fee. 

Depending on how your jewellery is worn, Rosendorff recommends that your jewellery is cleaned and polished approximately once a year to revitalise its beauty and check the security of your settings. 

Rings with claw settings are advised to be re-tipped every 5-8 years to ensure the security of your stones in their settings. This time frame may vary depending on how the ring is worn, so we advise that our jewellery is checked regularly by our experienced Rosendorff service team. 

We highly recommend that your precious Rosendorff jewellery is only repaired and maintained at Rosendorff, as other jewellers may lack the experience and expertise in dealing with our jewellery. Rosendorff take no responsibility for jewellery that is altered, repaired, or cleaned by a third party. 

White Gold 

White gold jewellery is plated with Rhodium - a metal that gives your jewellery that dazzling, reflective, white appearance. Rhodium will gradually wear off due to general wear, soaps, hand creams, chemicals and natural body oils that the jewellery may come in to contact with. 

Rosendorff will reapply the Rhodium plating to your white gold jewellery as part of our clean and polish service for a nominal fee. 

Storing Your Jewellery 

Your jewellery should always be stored separately from other jewellery in individual cases, cloth pouches, or a jewellery box with fabric dividers to avoid scratching and damage. 

Necklets and chains should be stored flat to avoid kinks and knots. 

Pave & Micro-Set Diamonds

Rosendorff specialise in the delicate art of micro-setting; a technique of diamond setting accomplished only by the world's most skilled diamond setters. 

The technique involves small diamonds being set under intense magnification to achieve an exquisite, fine finish. 

Settings such as pave, micro-pave, and micro-claw are delicate and will need to be worn with extra care. Just like a fine silk dress pulling when caught on another surface, a stone may become dislodged depending on how the dislodged diamonds under 0.08 points within two years of your purchase, providing the ring has no obvious signs of heavy wear-and-tear or damage. 

Micro-set diamonds should never be cleaned in an ultra-sonic machine as the ultra-sonic waves in the water may cause diamonds to loosen or become dislodged. We highly recommend that  you only have Rosendorff clean and maintain your jewellery, as other jewellers do not have the expertise nor experience in working with this intricate style of setting. 

Insuring Your Jewels

Your Rosendorff jewellery has been crafted to be cherished beyond a lifetime, however in the unfortunate event that your jewellery is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged, we highly recommend that you have your jewellery covered by insurance. Insurance policies do vary so ensure that you are ware of what you are covered for, particularly accidental and negligent loss, theft, and damage. 

Rosendorff will provide you with a complimentary valuation certificate for Rosendorff jewellery over $5,000 at the time of purchase. As your jewellery is likely to increase in its replacement value, we recommend that your valuation is updated every two years with Rosendorff can assist you with for a nominal fee. 

Damage to Diamonds 

Although diamonds are the hardest substance known to man, they can be sensitive upon impact and pressure during daily wear. A cut and polished diamond, like any gemstone, may be subject to accidental or negligent damage is impacted. Rosendorff highly recommends that you include 'accidental damage' to your insurance policy for your peace of mind. 



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