What Is an Argyle Pink Diamond?

Argyle Pink Diamonds are the epitome of luxury in the diamond industry, being regarded as the world’s rarest and most sought after diamond.

Sourced from the East Kimberley region of Western Australia via the now closed Rio Tinto Argyle Mine, Argyle Pink Diamonds are incredibly valuable and exceptionally rare. Pink diamonds are naturally pink in colour, with their striking hue positioning the gem as a unique and distinctive product of the Australian outback. 

The intensity of colour of the diamonds vary between each find. Most pink diamonds vary between a 1 and 9 on the Argyle scale, with the lower grade numbers representing a more intense and saturated colour, therefore, being more valuable. There is a significant breadth of varying tones and hues that can be admired within the diamonds that indicate their rarity: very light Pure Pinks (P) with a colour scale from 1P to 9P; Purplish Pinks (PP) ranging from 1PP to 9PP; and Pink Rose (PR) that vary between 1PR and 9PR that express an orange overtone. 

Clarity for all diamonds

This is a significant factor in determining the value of a pink diamonds and indicates how pure and clean the diamond is. Argyle Pink Diamonds can be separated into three different categories based on the purity of the diamond.

VS1 - 
Very Slightly Included
The best and rarest with no to minimal imperfections that are barely even visible under a microscope.
SI1 - Slightly Included
The second classification which is considered to be acceptable for 80% of buyers. 
I2 & I3 - Included
The lowest quality with imperfections clearly visible even to the naked eye.

Colour for Argyle Pink Diamonds

diamond that has a 1P/1PP colour and an if clarity would be the rarest and most valuable combination that can be found within pink diamonds unless the gem is a red tone, which would present as even more valuable than a pink.

In contrast, a diamond with a 9PR colour and an I1 clarity would be a cheaper and less rare combination. It is important to consider these details of pink diamonds when looking to make a purchase, as these are your key indicators as to its rarity and therefore, its value.

The unique diamonds also range in cut and lustre/fire and are popular for uses in jewellery pieces such as rings, earrings & necklaces and pendants.

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