Lab-Grown Diamond vs Natural Diamonds

How would you perceive a Rolex imitation crafted with cheap components that seem nearly identical to the naked eye? Would you consider it an authentic Rolex?

Imagine owning a digitally recreated masterpiece by Picasso or da Vinci, meticulously designed to mimic the original to the smallest detail. How would you feel about such a creation?

Diamonds, symbols of love and commitment, can sometimes be linked to fleeting greed. The diamond trading industry primarily operates behind closed doors, creating uncertainty regarding their actual value, and the emergence of lab-grown diamonds in the market has further intensified these concerns.

At Rosendorff, all our diamonds are natural and unique, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency. We believe in providing our customers with the highest quality of genuine diamonds, meticulously sourced and certified. Our dedication and expertise in natural diamonds have set us apart from many other jewellers for almost six decades.

Most buyers prefer naturally formed diamonds over substitutes that imitate the real thing, as these natural stones hold value. While consumers may not actively seek lab-created diamonds (LCDs), retailers may find it more lucrative to earn a significant profit margin on LCDs rather than a modest per cent on natural, mined diamonds. For example, a 1-carat lab-grown diamond might be sold for $450-$800 AUD, with an engagement ring priced at approximately $4,500, listed at $9,500 AUD for a natural diamond. However, one can't help but wonder if these sellers will continue to offer returns or exchanges for genuine diamonds. It is worth noting that lab-created diamonds typically do not retain their resale value as effectively as their natural counterparts.

At Rosendorff, all diamond purchases go through various criteria of authenticity and quality from the point of production, setting the diamonds in stunning jewellery pieces or selling them single stone for investment purposes. No matter what you choose to call these lab-created diamonds, at Rosendorff, we do not deal in imitations; we only offer high-quality authentic diamonds, which is the guarantee we provide, and we take great pride in knowing the quality is given to our customers.

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