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7P 0.08ct Certified Loose Pink Diamond From WA

7P 0.08ct Certified Loose Pink Diamond From WA

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This Argyle Pink Diamond from WA has been cut and polished to showcase its beauty with certification of authenticity from the Argyle Pink Diamond, perfect for any piece of jewellery or as an investment.

Product Details
Certification No. 396978
Carat 0.08ct
Colour 7P
Clarity SIAV
Cut Round Brilliant

Enter the certification code to verify on the Argyle Pink Diamond website: https://argylepinkdiamonds.com.au/. Pink Diamonds are rare, and it is fascinating to understand why they are highly valued. Visit our blog page to learn more: https://rosendorffs.com/blogs/news/what-is-an-argyle-pink-diamond.

We have Diamond experts at Rosendorff Diamonds who are happy to speak with you further. Book a consultation or a callback if you require more information: https://rosendorffs.com/pages/book-a-consultation

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